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Your Condo Association Roof Replacement

For over a decade, we have been supporting the Florida structural engineering community in helping their HOA and Condo Association clients obtain needed financing to fund critical and often legally required structural and safety-related repair and replacement costs. We put you in contact with a trusted and reliable loan source, we have an unrivaled track record in providing direct, expedient financing that assures your association gets 100% of the money they need  when they need it, at the lowest & best rate/terms. Our service exceeds all client expectations and industry norms.

These loans require:

NO personal guarantees; NO mortgage & NO lien on any unit.

As you know, Florida law and insurance companies have significantly increased demands on associations’ reserves, repairs, and replacements, while banks’ lending guidelines have become severely constrained, and getting tighter. We are meeting these challenges and continue closing on HOA/Association loans. We are happy to speak or meet with you to elaborate on how we can partner with you to ensure that all of your remediation needs in your inspection report are met.

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