Don’t wait until you have a leak to maintain your roof!

Salomon Roofing’s Maintenance Programs can protect your property from minor damages that can become major and very costly ones in the future. Salomon Roofing will perform a thorough inspection of your roof and will generate a report with pictures to document our findings. With our Annual Roof Maintenance program, we will perform minor paid repairs and keep the roof in a warrantable condition. Our Roof maintenance program is affordable, can considerably lengthen the life-span of your roof, and will provide you with peace of mind. Schedule your annual or semi-annual roof maintenance program today.

Benefits Of Proactive Commercial Roofing

Maintain Your Manufacturers Warranty
Find Problem Leaks and Water Pooling Thus Avoiding More Costly Repairs
Extends Your Roofs Lifespan
Can Qualify For Restoration And Coatings
Extended Warranties Available
Maintenance Expenses Are Tax Deductable
Priority Service For Roof Repair Emergencies

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